Established in 2008, we work with a small number of consultants, specially selected for their expertise in specific areas and their ability to adapt and work with a range of clients.  Over the years, we have also built up a larger range of other area specialists, who we may work with for specific short term projects.

Stuart Malcolmson
Lead Consultant
Stuart Malcolmson
Lead Consultant

Having gained basic qualifications and starting a summer job as an outdoor instructor in 1998, I developed my passion for the outdoors into my long term career.  Progressing through various mountain and water based qualifications and then working professionally in outdoor centre management and instal training, my pathway changed to one of becoming more involved with leadership and development of various centres across the UK and Europe, supporting them with new ideas and developing their offer.  From there I transferred into the contracting and management of outdoor learning providers, on the governments brand new NCS programme in 2011.  Having worked for some of the largest delivery organisations and procuring in excess of 160,000 residential places, I moved into consultancy as a way to develop an even larger positive impact.

I am still a keen outdoor practitioner and have a passion in my spare time for wilderness travel and racing sled dogs, throughout Europe.

Elle Malcolmson
Education & Research Specialist

Having completed my degree, I trained and worked as a teacher, before taking some time out to travel throughout New Zealand.  After a short spell working in commercial insurance, I returned to the learning sector working for a major university in academic publishing and open access.  More recently I have been involved in the development of open access research education and training for teachers, lecturers and businesses alike.  This has allowed many academic professionals to gain access to a great deal of resources to support their development in their role.  My role within Inspire Outdoors is to create, develop and demonstrate the links back to national curriculum and other educational frameworks for every learning outside the classroom experience we delivery or procure.


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