Business Expansion Into a New Market

We worked with an independent travel company to support their business development, by providing mentoring and guidance for the company director. We created strategies to engage with emerging outdoor activity residential markets, to support their existing international tours business and supported new relationship building with outdoor learning providers.

Centre Re-Development

Working with a local authority, we developed the business for a previously "moth-balled" outdoor centre, to create a re-energised outdoor learning venue which would both engage with the local community and be a sustainable traded service.  This involved establishing a activities to support a new customer base, as well as creating new innovative ideas to increase engagement from existing stakeholders.

Residential Procurement

We mapped and procured over 11,000 residential bed spaces for a multi-national organisation to effectively deliver their contractual requirements, as part of the governments contracted NCS youth development programme.  This included the allocation of places to their local delivery partner contracted volumes against outdoor provider availability, to ensure the most cost efficient use of bed space, whilst maintaining a high quality programme.


Inspire Outdoors Ltd.

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