Business Development and Mentoring

Markets are constantly changing and your competitors never sit still and are always driving forward.  Therefore, to stay in front of your competition you need to constantly be developing your business and your team.  We can provide you with support with creating new products and services, from developing new and innovative ideas, through costing and implementation to final service delivery and ongoing mentoring and development of staff.  This allows you the confidence to know that your staff are fully supported with an external body, to develop and grow within your business.

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Project Management

We have experience of managing projects from the introduction of new products and services through to full business development/re-development.  Using our experience and expertise we are able to design innovative new a range of products, from start to finish.  Alternatively, we can support the service design and procurement, installation and staff training for products, services or facilities.

Quality Assurance

The quality of you services is paramount in the success of your business but can sometimes be difficult to ensure, particularly as you launch new projects or your business grows rapidly.  Our team can provide bespoke quality assurance support to provide the indicators your need to ensure your customers or receiving the level of service you want to deliver.

We can develop and implement both live announced visits and "mystery shopper" style quality assurance assessments, with full post assurance review and reporting, so you know the areas in which you are excelling alongside those which can be further developed.

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Procurement Support

When your wanting to buy products or services at a large scale, there are many questions you may be asking yourself.  The most important is usually "Can this supplier deliver exactly what we need, when we need it, to our budget?"  We can take the pressure of you by either supporting your sourcing and contracting of new suppliers, or providing and introduction to and continued support with one of our wide network of existing partners.