Personal Development and Mentoring

Whether for an individual wanting support through a specific qualification or a full staff team long term development programme, we have experience creating both bespoke and more general outdoor learning training and mentoring packages.

Project Management

We have experience of managing projects from the introduction of new activity programmes and qualification schemes through to full centre development/re-development.  Using our experience and expertise we are able to design innovative new activities and programmes, from start to finish.  Alternatively, we can support the service design and procurement, installation and staff training for facilities as part of a either a new activity or full facility build.

Residential Procurement

With 10 years experience of major residential procurement, we are able to support the operational design and contractual procurement of residential programmes.  We have worked with a range of partners ranging from small temporary sites through to large  multi-site operators, to ensure we can cater for all requirements.  To date, we have have procured in excess of 750,000 bed nights for various programmes.

Quality Assurance

With over 20 years experience of outdoor learning providers and involvement with various National Governing Bodies and quality mark organisations, we understand what is required to create Safe, Enjoyable, Learning.  It's not just about how activities are run, but how a site and staff team functions as the complete package.  Our quality assurance service is able to look at the entire business and how it serves the customers.  We can then provide detailed feedback and guidance, to ensure customers gain the best possible outcomes.


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